A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

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How could I have reached my ripe old age and still need to rely so much on discipline.

I did of course,in my last post sing the joys of being able to do anything you wanted to if you were living alone.Absolute freedom.

On reflection realise though, if I am not careful I will achieve nothing if there is nobody around to push me.

Since a very young age discipline has been my shadow,without her I wonder how my life would have been.

I would like to end our relationship ,and definitely eradicate that being that accompanies her called conscience.

But should I? It might be my downfall.

I’m off to wash the breakfast dishes and make the bed.

‘Man must be disciplined for he is by nature raw and wild’

Immanuel Kant


The Heat Is On

Regular readers of my blog Know that I have been living in Thailand for the last three weeks, but when they look in today they might think the heat has really gone to my head.

How could I chose this daring orange theme for my blog, they need sunglasses to read it !!

Truth is, I can’t post pictures anymore for some reason and so the old theme looked rather dreary.

I thought too, maybe as a cold winter is coming to many parts of the world you might like to get the feeling of what it is like in Thailand,and that is hot,hot,hot.

So put your sunshades on for a while,and if it really is too awfull let me know.

Chinese Lesson 4

Zhong guo (tchong goo-ow)………China

zhong wen (tchong wen)……….Chinese

xue (shooa)……….learn

Keep at it.

Chinese Again

Hope you are sticking at it.

Todays words are;

Wo hen hao (wo hen how)…………I am well,or,I am fine

Wo jiao (wo jow)……….my name is

Wo schi rui (wo shee rooi)………I am from..


A friend asked my opinion on something last week and it made me smile.

It seemed that her Father in Law was on his longish annual visit and had washed out his underpants. They were then hung for all and sundry to see in the warm sunlight.

They didn’t have holes in them,neither were they “long Johns”. No ,they were very sexy thong type trifles favoured by some men and their partners, and certain to cause raised eyebrows or winks from the neighbours if put on view.

Now my friend had a bit of a problem with this, I must note that she is at least twenty years younger than I am which made me think a bit.

Her Father in Law is a scientists, over seventy,and with a figure that would make a lot of young men envious.

He is rather withdrawn and lives on his own, so his choice of underwear was rather unexpected for her,and what did I think?

I told her.

I wonder what you would have said.

First Lady of France Sings The Blues

Must we rate a President, on his entertainment value?

George W.Bush was so good for laughs that books were published, not on his wit- but on the wit written over him. His friend on the other side of the Atlantic was pretty entertaining too while he was in office. Italy’s Boss, Berlusconi is breathtaking, and he owns most of the media so he can be his own critic.

But I would say the award goes to Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic,and popularity strategist.

His wife Italian born Carla Bruni is certainly trying to help him up the ladder.

On the 11th of July she will be the first wife of a President to bring out a music album.

Titled ” Comme si de rien n’était” (As though it was nothing) It is the third CD that the Singer,Model,and First Lady has made.

Most of the 14 songs she wrote herself, and sing the praise of her husband. One “You belong to me” is from Bob Dylan.

French Journalists say that they can’t remember a bigger advertisement campaign.

Not for Dylan,not for Callas,not even for Edith Piaf.

Happy Anniversary

“An Anniversary is a time to celebrate, the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.”

Have a wonderful day.

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