A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

There is no escape.

Everyone travelling or staying in the tropics gets hit by it sooner or later.

The situation where your poor western stomach says,enough is enough of this eastern food.

You don’t really know whether it was the deep fried cockroaches you had for dinner the night before,or the cheddar cheese sandwich with Branston pickle which is also available here.But whatever it was you had better make sure a bathroom or bowl is in easy reach. Having established that they are near, you can lie back and wish to die.

You don’t of course, but it certainly feels like it,and in fact you will probably hope for  your passing at the acute stage.

Luckily it is usually something that takes at the most 48 hours to get over.Afterwards you will sleep and sleep,then greet the next day, a couple of pounds lighter and with a stomach that is now immune to the ‘joys’,of in my case,Asian cuisine.

A thought that went through my head while I was suffering was,

“now you are alone”

there is no family to accompany you on whatever journey this was going to take you,nobody to hold your hand,or make sure you got some fluids into you.It is all up to you.

But I managed it,and survived.

Although being alone when you are in need of care might be something that stops women doing what I did, this incident showed me we are all strong.It’s just fear that is the inhibitor.


Comments on: "A Touch of the Tropics" (3)

  1. i have had what is called ‘bali belly’. it is horrendous, and yet i have managed to survive… several times.
    glad you survived, too.

  2. If you ask me, that might just have been the Thanksgiving Pumpkin pie that is causing you problems….. after all, you are used to Thai and Branston Pickles. But a great Thanksgiving Dinner….. a whole different ball game 😉 .

    Hope you are feeling better soon, and I am holding your hand from afar….

  3. Dheli belly I have heard of,don’t say their is yet another type on Balli.

    The pumpkin pie,good thought,we even got a second helping the next day because I said I liked it so much.

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