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Christoph Blocher in person

Politics do interest me.I don’t have a great understanding of it. Think if politics were left up to women the world might concievably be a better place. Logical thinking,organisationtalent,sound moral values and a big portion of common sense seem to me necessary but often missing.

What colour would I wear, probably lila.

Lately I went to hear someone talk. I wouldn’t normally have gone far out of my way to listen to him,but as he had been invited to the village by a mutual colleague I felt I should go and hear what he had to say,and beside that I was curious.

One,if not the most contraversial figures in Swiss politics. The head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police, freqently compared to Jean-Marie Le Pen or Jörg Haider or worse, by his left wing political opponents. The Swiss Justice Minister himself -Christoph Blocher.

The theme of his talk was ‘Juvenile crime’ and I was one of at least five hundred people,young and old, equally curious, or fans who had come to listen to how he would solve the problem.

We have a rising number of foreign immigrants in Switzerland,at the moment over twenty procent of the poulation.The problem for us all is not about having a multi-cultural society but how to integrate the young people so they too may have a chance in life, and understand what we are proud of in this country.

I sat and listened to Herr Blocher; who has of course a Doctorate in Law, beside being the owner and Director of the Ems Chemical Concern ,before handing the managment side of it to his daughter when he became Minister of Justice. He made a successfull concern. He talked for over one and a half hours, as though he was sitting at our dining room table,and I didn’t need to look at my watch. He captivated his audience,and what he said wasn’t predudiced,it wasn’t racialist,it wasn’t nationalist-but it did make sense,and it was quite logical.

The following day the rapports were in the local newspapers. I could form an opinion of their commentaries, and Iwould say the press don’t like Christoph,and had I not been there to hear exactly what he said and how he said it I would probably have read it differently.

Why isn’t he popular,I think there are lots of answers,one of them is envy.


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