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Good news for beggers or noblesse oblige

The newspapers informed us this morning that the estimated cost for the renovation of Zürich’s top hotel would be 400 million Swiss francs. Situated in the woods high over the city with view of the lake and on a clear day alpine panorama, it has been the temporary home of statesmen and celebrities for the last century.

At a quick glance it reminds us of Neuschwandstein. Romanticism does appeal to many people, especially if combined with service and good taste. Therefore we are all rubbing our hands together in glee at the thought of this one being open again, for what is 400 million if even more of the species mega rich from the far east and once wild —stan states of central Asia are landing in Kloten to count their money in comfort and safety while their women shop in yet another newly opened look alike the world over designer shop.

By”we” I also mean the beggars,strategically well placed outside certain institutions along the Bahnhofstrasse. Switzerland doesn’t have quite so many as other countries but like the billionaires their numbers are increasing daily and we hopefully soon will be able to claim to have the richest beggars in the world.


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