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Should we Boycott the Chinese Olympics?

59% of the people who were asked this question in Switzerland last week said yes. It won’t help of course.It wouldn’t help if most of the world said yes. The only thing that would help is that the athletes themselves refused to take part. But they are not going to do that,because it is all a matter of gain. Advantage, whether it is personal merit, or business profit. Human suffering, is just something that gets in the way. They knew it would. And they still chose China.


Everybody Loves Carla


“I came,I saw,I conquered.”

She did it with bravour,and contempt has turned into admiration.

Carla mania has broken out,and she is now everyone’s darling.

The wife of this Frenchman, what was his name?

How To Come Out Top In The Blogging World

I still consider myself a novice as far as Blogging goes.
I don’t have a professional looking site, not that I wouldn’t like something more visual or acoustic.Truth is computers aren’t my friends, but I like writing and I have a Blog for the same five motivations that the authors of “I’m Blogging This” state.

My question is ,what makes a successful Blog? Why do some Bloggers get hundreds of hits and comments, and others just don’t.

It doesn’t seem to be a matter of good literary style, or intelligent ingredients,you can research and write for hours and nobody looks at it. I think it’s more a case of what hits the eye.

It also seems to be a matter of what the public want. Food, Love,Sex and Scandal are excellent topics if you are chasing hits.

I got the most hits for a picture of a heart, and a quote on St Valentines Day, and a post about Muffins and Donuts.

But yesterday I managed to make it into the Top Blog of the Day list. Thankyou Word Press.
And what did I write about ; Carla Bruni Sarkozy’s visit to England. Obviously a theme to win readers.

But with Blogging do we want to give free entertainment to the masses.? Or is it more of making a few new friends.

Carla Bruni- Sarkozy and Her President in England.

A State Visit to England always entails a lot of work when it comes to getting the brass polished, but what was shown yesterday for the visit of President Sarkozy of France and his new wife,- more well known for nude portraits, seemed to me as a Brit, and despite everything a Royalist, a little over the top.

Not that I have anything against La Grande Nation.Not more than the average Brit. We just seem to have been at loggerheads with them for the last thousand years.

Luckily after William the Conqueror we always came out on top, and I can’t help thinking that was what the message was about yesterday.
Up until now Nicolas Sarkozy hasn’t had too many admirers. Angela doesn’t care for him, and I don’t think even George was flattered by his dripping charm.

HRH The Prince of Wales showed that even an Englishman could outdo him,when it came to hand kissing.

HRH The Prince Phillip,seemed to really win over Madame Bruni- Sarkozy, but then he always had a way with women,and doesn’t seem to have lost it even at his age.

HM The Queen got out the Golden Coach,and put on so many jewels of immense worth that her head and neck must really ache today.

Even the great hall at Windsor Castle was used as dinner venue-everyone has Palaces.

“I have the ambition to work hand in hand with the English” President Sarkozy told us.

Does he indeed.

I don’t think Gordan Brown will be bowled over.

The Royal Family probably have not amused themselves so much in a long time.

And the crowds only came to look at Carla.

The President certainly has one thing the others haven’t

Chaim Soutine, A Great Modern Artist.

The Artist Chaim Soutine has apparently been rediscovered by the modern art market.

Reason for the Kunstmuseum in Basle,Switzerland to hold an exhibition of the Russian Jewish painters’ work showing around sixty paintings that will put Soutine in context with his famous contemporaries Chagall and Picasso.

Now as you know I love art and try to paint a little. I have the feeling that I have an eye for a good painting, but now I really am not sure.

Maybe I have been influenced too much by a graduate of the London Royal Academy of Art who swears over the art mafia, and considers Gainsborough his favourite artist. Very traditional to say the least.

Now I have seen Soutines pictures, and I am not sure of anything any more.

One in particular took my interest “Abgehäutetes Rind” (Skinned cow or ox)

t The animal has been slaughtered,skinned and hung as if it had been crucified. From death flows life and colour, from cruelty an inner light.

To paint this Soutine hung the slaughtered animal in his studio,and kept the colour alive by continually pouring fresh blood over the carcass. That was until the police alarmed by the the smell of rotting flesh carried it away.

That isn’t an anecdote.The painter could neither paint from memory nor photographs, and found vivid observation a special form of relief.

Without doubt his paintings are more than interesting, masterpieces maybe?

I think I will stick with Gainsborough unless someone can explain what I am finding difficult to understand.

We Had Snow For Easter

On the 6th of March I wrote a post on the possibility of snow for Easter.

We have hardly had a snow flake in this part of Switzerland the whole winter. In fact my husband and I sat on the terrace of the Hotel Hirschen in Obermeilen a month ago watching the sailing boats on the Lake of Zürich and enjoyed a glass of white wine without having our jackets on.

We were all sure not only Spring but Summer was on it’s way.

How wrong we were.

It has snowed here the whole of Easter.Today it is 2°C, and as I look out of the window now it is still snowing.

Is anyone there now that Easter has gone?

Easter has come and gone again. The heathen eggs eaten, and the taste of chocolate still deliciously on our tongues.

But was it also a religious festival for you?

The existence of God can be neither proven nor disproven.But experts agree that whoever believes in God lives longer.

But the power of prayer when used for others is of little or no use.

A study published by the “American Heart Journal” in 2006, and until now the biggest on the subject, showed that Bypass patients for whose good health was regularly prayed for didn’t improve more than that of others who hadn’t been the subject of prayer.

However on your own health religious belief has an undisputed positive influence.

According to a team from the University of Copenhagen,Denmark people who regularly attended a religious service lived on average 83,4 years,and by women the influence was even greater.

Intensive religious activity prolongs life is also the consensus of Ralph Kunz, Theology Professor at the University of Zürich,Switzerland. Brought about he says by a generally higher motivation in difficult situations. Ressourcen were better mobilised and bodily resistance to negative influences higher.

Religion as a general cure? Recipe for a better society?

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