A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Must we rate a President, on his entertainment value?

George W.Bush was so good for laughs that books were published, not on his wit- but on the wit written over him. His friend on the other side of the Atlantic was pretty entertaining too while he was in office. Italy’s Boss, Berlusconi is breathtaking, and he owns most of the media so he can be his own critic.

But I would say the award goes to Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic,and popularity strategist.

His wife Italian born Carla Bruni is certainly trying to help him up the ladder.

On the 11th of July she will be the first wife of a President to bring out a music album.

Titled ” Comme si de rien n’était” (As though it was nothing) It is the third CD that the Singer,Model,and First Lady has made.

Most of the 14 songs she wrote herself, and sing the praise of her husband. One “You belong to me” is from Bob Dylan.

French Journalists say that they can’t remember a bigger advertisement campaign.

Not for Dylan,not for Callas,not even for Edith Piaf.


Comments on: "First Lady of France Sings The Blues" (10)

  1. in politics you cant do much than joke around, really!

  2. Oh!how right you are Devang.But this joke is said to be good.

  3. The transition of politics from matters of state to showbiz marches on.
    Let’s all sing:

    ‘There’s no business like … ‘ 🙂

  4. Her first album was very successful in France back in 2002. She is a fairly good song writer. Really.

    With all due respect, it’s not Bernasconi, but Berlusconi.

  5. Hi there..found you through Selma in the City’s blogroll…Loved your post on Greece, and your favorite islands. Hilarious entry on France’s first lady, and our comical(and incredibly tragic, sigh)George “Dubya”, too.
    Come say hi sometime:

  6. Thanks for looking in again Anthony.Just as long as it remains a comedy I can go along with it,but when it turns into a tragedy I have a problem.

  7. Oops! You are so right Nathalie.Maybe I should force myself to read more about him then I couldn’t make such a mistake.
    Looking at the pictures on your blog,I think you must be very successful,I’m sure you made the right choice.Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Lisa,thankyou so much,comments like that are heart warming when you feel “blogging” is such a waste of time.

  9. Since when have politicians become celebrities?:)

  10. Sara said:

    rrr. ^ 😀
    Jaka ta kobieta jest cudna 🙂
    Miejmy nadzieję iż Carla kiedyś przyjedzie ze swym mężem na wizytę z Polsce.

    pozdrawiam ;*

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