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The Heat Is On

Regular readers of my blog Know that I have been living in Thailand for the last three weeks, but when they look in today they might think the heat has really gone to my head.

How could I chose this daring orange theme for my blog, they need sunglasses to read it !!

Truth is, I can’t post pictures anymore for some reason and so the old theme looked rather dreary.

I thought too, maybe as a cold winter is coming to many parts of the world you might like to get the feeling of what it is like in Thailand,and that is hot,hot,hot.

So put your sunshades on for a while,and if it really is too awfull let me know.


Comments on: "The Heat Is On" (3)

  1. Too funny. We’ve heard the ‘windchill’ word for the first time this season….. it was mighty windchilly today, tonight we are going down to zero with snow in Muskoka.

    Will call this week. Promise.

    Love, Spaz

  2. I like it. It smoulders. Looking forward to hearing more about Thailand.

  3. When i think of the “windchill factor” I know again what I’m doing here.
    Looking forward to hearing from you Spaz.

    I like it too Selma,daring,but such a positive colour,and it reminds me of the Monks here in their orange robes.

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