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Sex Sells

“Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket”

George Orwell 1903-50:attributed.

To start with I am neither a feminist nor am I prude, and I don’t live in one of the Bible Belts.

I belong to the generation that changed the attitude of the world especially towards sex and now I’m hopping mad.

When is the advertising world going to stop using sex to sell everything.

Whatever it is from cat food to cars there just has to be an underdressed woman accompanying the picture or film.

Do the Advertising Specialists just have one track minds,or doesn’t witty and clever advertising exist, or sell any more.

In this part of the world we have been living for a while with this, but it seems to me more and more of the advertising films are taking on a pornographic element (and I have seen enough to know what I’m talking about) only to end up with the highlight being some kind of cleaning substance.

When are women going to start objecting to this kind of sexual abuse that makes money for some at our expense ?
Today I saw a picture of the new advertisement that will hail the winter timetable for the once noble Swiss Airlines. It was a well taken photo of last years “Miss Switzerland”, looking almost like Eve, (except she didn’t wear 14cm. Stiletto heels,) and lying in an oversized Champagne glass. “FLY SWISS” the caption.

Wasn’t quite sure what they were promising.


What’s your favourite film?

Watching films on the television certainly gives you a wide choice but for me it just isn’t the same as seeing one in the cinema, and certainly not if it happens to be an old one of David Leans.

No darkness to envelop you, no huge screen to capture you, probably no ice cream in the interval. For me the cinema wins every time.

That’s why I looked into the local rag today to see what was playing nearby. It’s been raining cats and dogs here for the last week. Definitely film weather.

I had the choice of nine films,all of them fantasy, and action.!

That’s why a post that someone on my blogroll had written this week really cheered me up, as he told us what his favourite film was. (he hardly dared admit it)
Of course our age might make a difference  but there are films that we never get tired of seeing. They just seem to be getting a lot fewer.
It’s difficult for me to chose which one I would take on a desert island, I have at least three favourites, but it would probably be, Out of Africa

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