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I lost my heart again last night.

He stood,just a few feet in front of me,dressed in black,plucked his guitar and said, rather than sang in a voice that left no woman doubting that this was a real man;

“Take the ribbon from your hair”

Kris Kristofferson,the All American Rebel,sang at the Zürich Summer Festival,”Live at Sunset” last night and I was lucky enough to be able to sit in the middle of the front row.

It was as though he was singing just for me.

He was 72 last month,and he is still looking for freedom.

After “Me and Bobby Mc Gee” the world knew who he was,and he is still there.

Many have coveted his songs,but the chords, and the stanza are so well knitted that the songs are more difficult to interpret than they seem.

Maybe his voice hasn’t got the fullness that it used to have,and his guitar playing didn’t stick to the rules,but then one of the fingers of his right hand was bleeding enough for us to see just after the interval.

He passed off the weaknesses ,with his old charm and humour.Even stated ,when he repeatedly had to pick up a handkerchief, that he thought we were paying a lot of money “To watch an old fart blow his nose”


But he can still write songs,maybe I should say he can still write poems for the simple man, poetry that gets his message across. He should be able to,he won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University and studied Literature at Merton College. During his time with the US Airforce they wanted him to teach the subject at West Point Military Academy.But Kris is the pacifist son of a General and it was 1965.

And yesterday evening, so many years after Janis Joplin sang “Me and Bobby McGee” his followers in Zürich still love him.

He says he wants to compose and sing until they shovel dirt on his coffin.

He also knows what words he wants chiseled on his grave stone,- from colleague Leonard Cohen,

” Like a bird on a wire,

 like a drunk in a midnight choir,

 I have tried in my way to be free”


First Lady of France Sings The Blues

Must we rate a President, on his entertainment value?

George W.Bush was so good for laughs that books were published, not on his wit- but on the wit written over him. His friend on the other side of the Atlantic was pretty entertaining too while he was in office. Italy’s Boss, Berlusconi is breathtaking, and he owns most of the media so he can be his own critic.

But I would say the award goes to Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic,and popularity strategist.

His wife Italian born Carla Bruni is certainly trying to help him up the ladder.

On the 11th of July she will be the first wife of a President to bring out a music album.

Titled ” Comme si de rien n’était” (As though it was nothing) It is the third CD that the Singer,Model,and First Lady has made.

Most of the 14 songs she wrote herself, and sing the praise of her husband. One “You belong to me” is from Bob Dylan.

French Journalists say that they can’t remember a bigger advertisement campaign.

Not for Dylan,not for Callas,not even for Edith Piaf.

Repression at Montreux

How lucky we are that we are able to push painful things so far in to the back of our minds that we are unconscious of them.

The Psychiatrists won’t agree with me that it is a good thing, the more courageous among you neither,but how else am I going to handle what is going on in this world, now too big to be handled by any protest marches or individual boycotts.

Opening the morning papers we can read how the heads of most of the African can’t take a stand against Zimbabwe’s Mugabe.

The Israelis are seriously considering pushing Iran off the world map. Why ?.Iran is planning to drop Atom bombs on everybody they don’t care for. I wonder where the Mossad got hold of that story,from their buddies maybe? Sounds rather familiar,I think I heard something similar a few years back.

“Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to do or die ”

Hunger again in Somalia-did it ever go away. Odd that most of Africa’s leaders have weight problems.

The rich of the world are getting richer,and the rest of us are getting poorer.

The world is dying, wear a new colour,-chameleons are green.

Vote for Obama, he will change everything ,with his new found friend Hillary of course.

Thank goodness for Football, pity it’s over it took our minds off things for a while,and at least we can be pleased that there the best team one.

E viva Espagna

Me, I’m off to Montreux soon, the Jazz Festival is about to start.

Bob Dylan the Artist

As regular readers of my blog know I struggle with my watercolour painting. I now have a new inspiration.

My Idol of the sixties. The bad boy, the music maker, the singer, the poet, that particular spirit of those years also paints in watercolour!

The German press agency report that the art collection of the city of Chemnitz, (once DDR) are showing 140 water colour and gouache paintings from the musician in their latest exhibition.

When asked why Bob Dylan chose Chemnitz for his premier,they said, “Nobody had asked him before”

I’m off to get a ticket.

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