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Outside Again

I was greeted like a lost lamb who had returned to the fold when I turned up for my watercolour classes again.
Immediately any aprehension I had about going back disappeared and I wasn’t even upset when we were told we would be painting outside. From previous posts you will know I don’t like it too much. Have you ever heard of a watercolourist who didn’t. I told myself it was a question of organisation.

It was a beautiful late Spring day, and as our theme was trees. It could all be very promising,especially as our classes are near a fair size lake,

The trouble is our teacher is a walker,not only does he walk here,but he walks in the Himalayas.He doesn’t mind how long we have to walk to reach his subject of painting desire.

Do you know what you must take with you if you want to paint outside?

Firstly something to sit on that will be comfortable for a couple of hours,
A liter of water to rinse your brushes, and something to pour it in to.
Depending on weather,another liter to drink.
Paints,brushes,palette,pencils.rags,tissues,pen knife and a large block of paper.
If you want to look professional maybe an easel.

A srong north east wind was blowing as we set off and I was glad I also had an extra pullover and hat,at least my hair wouldn’t blow all over my eyes.

On reaching our destination all weariness left us,the view was breathtaking even for Swiss standards. Trees,not quite in full bloom,sloping meadows covered with pink and white flowers,set off by masses of Dandelions. The lake in the distance it’s colour competing with the cloudless sky,and beyond that the high mountains still covered with the last of the winters snow.


Dabbling in the Paint

It had to happen. I toddled along to an Art Vernissage which I do like attending for Arts sake if the subjects in the widest sense appeal to me. Not like all those people of course who are only there to wine and dine,although I am partial to a good, cold, dry white,and even more so to a glass of bubbly.Bollinger, if you want to know.

No, I am really interested in Art,and those of you that may have followed my revelations in that category will know that I like to dabble a bit myself. But truth is I am no talent,or I don’t think I am. People tell me what I paint is good but I am never satisfied with it. One of my colleagues at Art classes,say’s he feels just the same. The trouble is we are both perfectionists, the difference being, he turns out some brilliant work,but as he says he has been painting for years. That doesn’t help my self esteem either because he works at the next table.

So I got rather unsatisfied, and dissilusioned about it all and failed to enrol for the last set of Watercolour classes.-And I didn’t even excuse myself,or give a reason why to my teacher.

I havn’t picked up a brush or pencil in three monthes.
But I have been learning a lot from a fellow blogger: http:/ creatisphere.wordpress.com and realise now that even Artists go through this unsatisfaction.

So I went along to the Vernissage of a Watercolour Artist from Zürich, thinking I might learn something.
And who was the first person that I saw there on the other side of the wine.
My Art Teacher.

He had realised I was going through a “stage” and he hoped I would come back.

I start again next Tuesday.

Winter Scenes

We had snow where I live before Christmas,but then the seasons seemed to become disorientated and as we left for Canada the 18th of December was like a day in Spring.

The Holidays have come and gone but the snow still hasn’t arrived, at least not 600 meters above sea level in Switzerland.

Today I went to my Watercolour class again and it brought back happy memories of snow in the cottage country of Northern Ontario.

Funnily enough I don’t find painting snow so difficult,maybe because I love the colours that I need to use, soft and vivid blues,pale pinks, light greys and yellows.

Of course we were painting from photos ,and luckily nobody suggested going outside to paint a warm winter day (you all know that I havn’t really got enthusiastic about painting outside.I did try it again in Thailand but the paint dried up)

So painting today was the best of two worlds. Being warm and cosy in the middle of snow.

I am enjoying my hobby again,and I think at last I might even be improving.

Painting by David Gibbins U.K

Watercolour Painters need Nail Varnish.

As a beginner to this Art,I have already noticed what a gift masking fluid is.

Usually I forget where exactly I want the light to hit on my picture and paint over the small parts that I should have kept white. This is where the fluid comes in handy.
Masking fluid is a rubber based product that can be spread over paper like paint keeping that area free of colour,and removed easily by rubbing a finger over it. Unfortunately it’s not so easily removed from the brushes you use to put it on with.

On my last holiday I wanted to take my painting things with me but feared I would have to leave my wonder fluid behind as I had very little room and even the smallest bottle was quite large. Also the thought of it running out everywhere and the messy brushes was daunting.

Then as I am a woman who likes to paint her nails too I had the great idea of pouring some of the masking fluid into a clean and empty nail varnish bottle.

It worked perfectly, the bottle was small and it had it’s own built in brush which never dried out and was always at hand.

Of course the idea might have been around for a long time, but if it hasn’t and you want to try it be aware that the brushes in nail varnish bottles aren’t all the same.

Like all Artists brushes, the more expensive are the best.

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