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Chinese Lesson 4

Zhong guo (tchong goo-ow)………China

zhong wen (tchong wen)……….Chinese

xue (shooa)……….learn

Keep at it.


Chinese Again

Hope you are sticking at it.

Todays words are;

Wo hen hao (wo hen how)…………I am well,or,I am fine

Wo jiao (wo jow)……….my name is

Wo schi rui (wo shee rooi)………I am from..

Learn Chinese During The Olympics

Since yesterdays Olympic Games opening ceremony in Beijing we all Know that we can’t beat them, so we might as well join them.

I have faith in the the youth of China that they will see that radical changes are made. The happy,open. faces of the Chinese athletes proclaimed a new China more than any immaculate mega spectacle that the central committee liked to show us.

Just so as we are not left speaking only English, I thought a few words in the world language to come, might be a good idea to learn during the Games.

ni hao (ni how)——good day

xie xie (shia shia) —–thankyou

zai jian (zye jian) ——goodbye

Look in again on Monday for more.

Is China Attacking Us?

German author,Political Scientist, and China expert,Wolfgang Hirn isn’t sure that China deserves the miserable reputation that it has in the west.

His two books “The Chinese Challenge” (Herausforderung China) and “Asian Attack” (Angriff aus Asien),published by Fischer, make interesting reading.

China is gigantic,China is suspiciously, “foreign”,and then there are all these 1.3 Billion people.

China will become,next to the USA the second superpower in the world and that makes us all somewhat frightened.

But didn’t we encourage it all for our gain?

Environmental pollution in China is immense,and the Chinese are eating more and more meat.But can we condemn them for that? Shouldn’t we be pleased that for the people there things are beginning to look better?

China has at least managed to free 400 million people from deepest poverty. What they are doing is legitimate. The West challenged China to at last participate in world trade. Now they are certainly doing this ,following the rules of globalisation and we must live with the consequences.

We had hoped that human rights and democracy might follow, after the theory that an affluent society brings the wish of complete freedom for all. In South Korea and Taiwan it worked.

It hasn’t worked in China yet, because the middle class is not big enough, and interestingly this section of the people, which one might have thought were all for political freedom is not in the least interested in it,because then, they would be completely in the minority and 700 to 800 million peasants would have their say.

Up until now their  authoritative system has worked for developing China,and many a western manager enthuses over it.

In China Peking decides, and at least at this stage it is probably the only way to get anything done. Other countries with a democratic system take years deciding on anything because every ones interests must be taken into consideration.

By 2012, ninety seven new airports will be built in China-and they will be built.Whether the environmentalists agree or not.

That is why China has managed better to get more people out of poverty as the democratic India has.

Maybe come time, come change, and we should admire them for what they have achieved.

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