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Will Roger Federer win in in his Garden?

Wimbledon’s grass is definitely his,but I can’t watch the match this afternoon for I have the nasty feeling Roger won’t win. Not that I don’t want Rafa Nadal to be head gardner,he has tried long enough,I just would have liked Federer to have won Roland Garros,then he could have packed his his bags and called it a day.

He is probably the greatest tennis player ever, and I would like him to go when he is still at the top.

Sorry Roger.

Maybe I’ll just go and switch the TV on after all.


Should we Boycott the Chinese Olympics?

59% of the people who were asked this question in Switzerland last week said yes. It won’t help of course.It wouldn’t help if most of the world said yes. The only thing that would help is that the athletes themselves refused to take part. But they are not going to do that,because it is all a matter of gain. Advantage, whether it is personal merit, or business profit. Human suffering, is just something that gets in the way. They knew it would. And they still chose China.

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