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We Had Snow For Easter

On the 6th of March I wrote a post on the possibility of snow for Easter.

We have hardly had a snow flake in this part of Switzerland the whole winter. In fact my husband and I sat on the terrace of the Hotel Hirschen in Obermeilen a month ago watching the sailing boats on the Lake of Zürich and enjoyed a glass of white wine without having our jackets on.

We were all sure not only Spring but Summer was on it’s way.

How wrong we were.

It has snowed here the whole of Easter.Today it is 2°C, and as I look out of the window now it is still snowing.


Will We Have Snow For Easter?

This is how the Crocus in my garden looked this morning.
They promised us snow at last but nobody believed them.

Is it just plain stupidity?

Yesterday a 12 year old boy was killed while skiing with his parents outside a marked ski run!

It happened in the well known Parsenn area,near Klosters in Switzerland.

How sad for the loss of a young life, how sad that people who don’t understand the mountains can’t take the advice of people who do.

If you want to Ski in Switzerland we have lots of places to do it in.We have probably the best prepared runs in Europe ( a money thing)

We have Nursery Slopes,Blue Runs,Red Runs and Black Runs. If you really want to kill yourself then believe me the black ones are best for the novice skier. They are planned by experts and mountaineers, like the ex Swiss Downhill World Champion Bernhard Russi who still plans the World Cup runs.

But every year there are fools who know better where to ski,and succumb to the call of virgin snow, even after heavy snowfalls with an Avalanche alert like on Sunday.

To me it isn’t being clever,it’s just being downright stupid.

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