A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?


“I came,I saw,I conquered.”

She did it with bravour,and contempt has turned into admiration.

Carla mania has broken out,and she is now everyone’s darling.

The wife of this Frenchman, what was his name?


Comments on: "Everybody Loves Carla" (4)

  1. She looks stunning!

  2. She is gorgeous, no doubt. Methinks old hubby might have his nose a wee bit out of joint at all the attention she is getting!

  3. Hello Lunes,nice to hear from another expat.
    She certainly looks good.The Swiss press said it must be everywomans nightmare having to stand next to her.
    What unusual bijoux you make,looks stunning too.

  4. Hi Selma,
    He is apparently her only flaw.

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