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Chaim Soutine, A Great Modern Artist.

The Artist Chaim Soutine has apparently been rediscovered by the modern art market.

Reason for the Kunstmuseum in Basle,Switzerland to hold an exhibition of the Russian Jewish painters’ work showing around sixty paintings that will put Soutine in context with his famous contemporaries Chagall and Picasso.

Now as you know I love art and try to paint a little. I have the feeling that I have an eye for a good painting, but now I really am not sure.

Maybe I have been influenced too much by a graduate of the London Royal Academy of Art who swears over the art mafia, and considers Gainsborough his favourite artist. Very traditional to say the least.

Now I have seen Soutines pictures, and I am not sure of anything any more.

One in particular took my interest “Abgehäutetes Rind” (Skinned cow or ox)

t The animal has been slaughtered,skinned and hung as if it had been crucified. From death flows life and colour, from cruelty an inner light.

To paint this Soutine hung the slaughtered animal in his studio,and kept the colour alive by continually pouring fresh blood over the carcass. That was until the police alarmed by the the smell of rotting flesh carried it away.

That isn’t an anecdote.The painter could neither paint from memory nor photographs, and found vivid observation a special form of relief.

Without doubt his paintings are more than interesting, masterpieces maybe?

I think I will stick with Gainsborough unless someone can explain what I am finding difficult to understand.


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