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How To Come Out Top In The Blogging World

I still consider myself a novice as far as Blogging goes.
I don’t have a professional looking site, not that I wouldn’t like something more visual or acoustic.Truth is computers aren’t my friends, but I like writing and I have a Blog for the same five motivations that the authors of “I’m Blogging This” state.

My question is ,what makes a successful Blog? Why do some Bloggers get hundreds of hits and comments, and others just don’t.

It doesn’t seem to be a matter of good literary style, or intelligent ingredients,you can research and write for hours and nobody looks at it. I think it’s more a case of what hits the eye.

It also seems to be a matter of what the public want. Food, Love,Sex and Scandal are excellent topics if you are chasing hits.

I got the most hits for a picture of a heart, and a quote on St Valentines Day, and a post about Muffins and Donuts.

But yesterday I managed to make it into the Top Blog of the Day list. Thankyou Word Press.
And what did I write about ; Carla Bruni Sarkozy’s visit to England. Obviously a theme to win readers.

But with Blogging do we want to give free entertainment to the masses.? Or is it more of making a few new friends.


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