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Chinese Today

The second lesson of Olympic Chinese is easy too.

I hope you managed to remember the first.

hao (how)——- good

zao shang hao (zow shang how)——–good morning

ni hao ma? (ni how ma)——–how are you

So if like me you have only managed to keep the word hao in your head,you are almost there.

As a little piece of consolation for fellow Bloggers over 40. It has been proved that older learners of a foreign language usually have to learn a new word nine times, and forget it nine times,until on the tenth time it will stick.

Good Luck


Repression at Montreux

How lucky we are that we are able to push painful things so far in to the back of our minds that we are unconscious of them.

The Psychiatrists won’t agree with me that it is a good thing, the more courageous among you neither,but how else am I going to handle what is going on in this world, now too big to be handled by any protest marches or individual boycotts.

Opening the morning papers we can read how the heads of most of the African can’t take a stand against Zimbabwe’s Mugabe.

The Israelis are seriously considering pushing Iran off the world map. Why ?.Iran is planning to drop Atom bombs on everybody they don’t care for. I wonder where the Mossad got hold of that story,from their buddies maybe? Sounds rather familiar,I think I heard something similar a few years back.

“Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to do or die ”

Hunger again in Somalia-did it ever go away. Odd that most of Africa’s leaders have weight problems.

The rich of the world are getting richer,and the rest of us are getting poorer.

The world is dying, wear a new colour,-chameleons are green.

Vote for Obama, he will change everything ,with his new found friend Hillary of course.

Thank goodness for Football, pity it’s over it took our minds off things for a while,and at least we can be pleased that there the best team one.

E viva Espagna

Me, I’m off to Montreux soon, the Jazz Festival is about to start.

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