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School is out.The longed for school summer holidays can begin and families with children can pack their bags and head for the southern borders,or the next airport if they are lucky.

You won’t find Swiss in Switzerland at this time of year unless they are over fifty. The rest have accepted the never ending check in queues,or twenty kilometer long traffic pile up, north of the Gotthard Tunnel to get to the sun, and the sea.

They are almost like baby turtles, that know when it’s time to hatch out from their eggs in the sand and head in unison for the water.

The Rest,foreigners workers or otherwise, who can’t afford the drive home to the countries of South Eastern Europe remain,as do the refugees,the old and the insane. Plus of course Tourists who don’t know any better.

Why,the mass Exodus from this beautiful country.? Because when the sun shines here in Summer it is hot, and I mean over 30°C.The polluted air from Northern Italy, Germany or France is blown over to us, where it gets caught in this bucket surrounded by mountains. Breathing especially for people with respiratory problems isn’t fun.

On shop doors,office entrances,restaurants and anything else that employs people, notices are hung,”Closed for the annual holiday”. So you don’t have to have a lot of plans.

But one thing of course should be wonderful.With so many people out of the country,the roads must be less congested and driving easy . Don’t you believe it ,one section of the people here don’t take holiday.The road repairers. (mostly foreign workers)

It doesn’t matter where you stick your pin in the map of Switzerland, you can be sure that all roads in that area will be under repair, between now and the middle of September.Getting from A to B is an Odyssey,and Satellite Navigation Systems have decided to join the others.

Enjoy your holidays, and welcome if you are coming over.


Alive and Kicking on Rhodes

No I didn’t take off for Asia again.

My Compi caught a bad cold and I had to wait until Bryan could come and look at it,which he has done now and I’m very grateful to him.The trouble she is German born,( Computers must be female)and always spits and scratches after someone from the other side of the ditch has laid hands on her.

After all the excitement my husband and I flew to Rhodes for a quick break from our “busy” lives.

Rhodes, one of the GreekDodecanese islands,is the third largest in Greece and officially the sunniest spot in Europe with at least 320 days of sunshine a year.

It is probably my favourite Greek island,although I do have a soft spot for Mykonos,which is not everyones taste

For a holiday it has everything,and if you are tired of the beach and they have beautiful ones you can chase history in the old city,which the Knights of St Johns used as a base on their way to the Holy Land. Or wander at the edge of Mandraki Harbour on whose entrance pillars once stood the Colossus of Rhodes.

I didn’t take my painting things,and wish I had. What’s that about always taking your Moleskine with you,but it will give me an excuse to return.

To all my Blogging friends,thankyou for still looking in and I will get back to you soon.

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