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On Muffins and Doughnuts

I can’t make Muffins.

There must be some kind of trick to making muffins that I don’t know about because mine just don’t turn out like those delicious, light, stick to the top of your mouth type that I recently ate at Tim Hortons’ Cafes in Canada.

Actually I prefer their Doughnuts, Boston Cream to be precise,but I would never even dream of trying to make those. (did you know that these are also the ones preferred by British Army clients in the Tom Hortons’ Shop that the Canadians run in Afghanistan)

But muffins can’t be so difficult. Is it because I make mine with milk, instead of buttermilk which is difficult to get hold of in Switzerland that they aren’t like the ones in Tim Hortons.

If anyone out there can give me a foolproof recipe I would be eternally grateful.


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