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Happy 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela

My Happy Birthday wishes to a great man.


My Aunt Madges’ Bobotie Recipe.

Have you ever tried Bobotie ?

Bobotie is a South African dish. To be correct it was a Malayan dish that was introduced to South Africa by the Cape Malay and which became a firm favourite by all.

My Aunt Madge,bless her heart, was born in Durban of good Scottish stock, and once on a visit to the UK invited us for a real South African meal that she would prepare for us.

I suppose the Scots blood made her thrifty,so she chose something called Bobotie,which was a bit like Cottage Pie without potatoes. It tasted pretty good to me so I asked her for the Recipe.

A while later back in Switzerland I asked my South African friend Shirley to dinner with her husband.

Now Shirley was a Domestic Science Teacher, and although she could never catch up with the housework she could sew wonderfully and she certainly could cook. In fact having to invite them for a meal always sent me into a mild state of panic and as you can imagine something that I had prepared many times before never tasted or looked like it should.

This time nothing could go wrong and she would be so surprised with the Bobotie.

It looked alright,and it tasted just like Aunt Madges, only Shirley didn’t seem to be enraptured by my efforst in fact after politely finishing it all she said “Mmm, that was something different, what was it?”

Years later I visited one of Madges’ sons in South Africa and the story came up of how a fellow South African didn’t recognise his mothers Bobotie. “I don’t wonder at it” he said , “my mother never cooked in her life.

So if you would like to try it, this recipe is the one that Shirley gave me. And I can assure you it’s very good.
Cape Malay Bobotie.

1/2 Kilo of minced (ground) meat. Beef or Lamb

1 Thick slice of white bread

500 ml of milk

2 Medium Onions

2 Small Eggs

50 gr.of Butter

1 Tablsp. of Curry Powder

1 level Teasp. of Salt

2 Tablsp. of Vinegar or Lemon Juice

1 Tablsp. of Apricot Jam (Sugar will do to)

1 Teasp. of Turmeric (yellow root) if you have it

2 Bay or Lemon Leaves

1 Tablsp. of Fruit Chutney

75gr. of Seedless Raisins

75gr. of Blanched Almonds

Soak bread in milk.

Fry chopped onions in butter.

Squeeze bread dry but keep milk

Mix bread with meat and fry lightly,add onions. Mix all other ingredients except remaining milk, eggs, and bay leaves, with meat.

Turn into a greased deep pie dish or casserole.

Beat eggs and milk drained from bread, season with a little salt and pepper. Pour over meat in dish Garnish with leaves .

Place dish in another pan containing water and bake at 18o° C or 4 Gas for about 30 minutes or until custard on top is set and lightly browned.

If liked dried peaches or apricots can be added to it,or served with it. Dessicated Coconut is also nice sprinkled over the top.

This Recipe serves 4. It is best eaten with boiled rice.

En guete

The Sarie Marais and Apartheid

My Sarie Marais is so far from my heart, and I’m longing to see her again.
She lived on a farm on Mooi’s River bank, before I left on this campaign

Oh,bring me back to the old Transvaal

That’s where I want to be,

Way yonder ‘mongst the meelies (Corn),by that great thorny tree,

Sarie is waiting for me.

Cricket wasn’t the same without the South Africans, Rugby wasn’t either.

I painted a plate in a competition at school and even won. It showed the Cape Fruit which we couldn’t buy in England any more.

Later in London I often heard homesick South Africans singing the haunting song- Sarie Marais and the seed was planted.

South Africa, one of the most beautiful and richest countries in the world was bleeding.

The Black South Africans suffered terribly under the Apartheid regime, and some white people who had lived there even longer than the blacks were ashamed to tell others abroad where they came from.

There were many whites who without fear fought against it, there were a lot of white people who supported black families.But they didn’t shout loud enough, and we didn’t hear too much about that.

But we heard about Nelson Mandela at last, and the others who didn’t live to see the day.
People who suffered particularly under the regime have been, and will be in the future compensated. (can something like that be compensated?)

People and Firms responsible for upholding the Apartheid in South Africa will be brought to justice, so says the United States Court of Apeal
As I read today they will support this.

Somehow I find the anouncement terribly funny. When will America’s black people be compensated?

As a post script I must say that the words and lyrics of the Sarie Marais were taken from an old US Civil War folk song called Elli Rhee, and the Transvaal was then Tennessee.

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