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Are the 68ers to Blame for Blochers success.

The question from my non Swiss friends was how could the far right wing SVP (Swiss Peoples Party) with Christoph Blocher holding the Banner, have such success in last weeks Parliamentary Elections, and how could the SP (Socialist Party) loose so miserably?

Felix Müller in the “Neue Zürich Zeitung on Sunday” gave us his opinion and he might quite be right.

The voting results showed us all that the Socialist Party is finished,and who is to blame? The ’68’ers

The popularity of the right wing parties is not just in Switzerland, it is a dangerous trend that is occurring all over Europe for many reasons, but Felix Müllers opinion was particularly applicable here.

For twenty years the generation of socialists have dominated and influenced the situation in our country.

Very quickly, protesting middle and upper middle class sons and daughters arose from the campus after 1968 to take over positions of political influence in our democratic society.

The march was easy for them because they were all intelligent, well educated , aggressive and determined. In a short time they had taken over the power in politics,in the media,and in economics.

The socialist party transformed from the party of the “workers” and “underdogs” to the party with the highest education, highest income average ,highest number of civil servants, and with the highest consummation of expensive foreign red wine. The upper and upper middle class of ’68 hadn’t forgotten their roots.

Having come to power the Hedonistic upbringing of the ’68ers wanted to ensure their select and cultured lifestyle.They lived in areas that a prolatarian could only dream of.

From the heights they looked after the weak, and engaged themselves for social circles of which they personally had often no contact with: The Foreigners ,the Unemployed, and the Reciprients of social security funds. The ’68ers were now only interested in keeping the Status quo.

The negative aspects of their politics- the drug problems, the generous rules of asylum, uncontrolled squandering of social funds, the soaring criminal offences, a huge administrative machine, and neglect of urban areas which brought slums for the first time to Switzerland, had consequences.

With the solving of these problems another party as we all know ran a highly successful election campaign . SP voters flocked to Christoph Blocher and the SVP.

Political logic today should in fact lead us to lean more to the left and to become enviromently fundamental not to the right.
The SP have marched themselves up a dead end street.

Intellectually and for the development of Switzerland it will be interesting to see what course the 68ers will now take.


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