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Olympic Medals and Chinese Lesson 5

Compared with the USA or China it’s nothing, but our little country has never been so successful in an Olympic Games since 1952,then Swiss athletes also won three medals in one day.

Gold for Fabian Cancellara, congratulations to the fastest man on a bike.

It almost makes me want to forgive the Kings of the Road here who can’t obey a traffic rule the moment they get their helmets on and their noses down.

Congratulations to Karin Thürig,also on a bike, and Sergei Aschwanden,bronze in believe it or not Judo.

And to all the other Athletes who have had their labours crowned, especially Michael Phelps who is phenomenal. Our neighbours up north are already murmuring that it gives food for thought. But then the days of the old DDR are long gone.

I’m just hoping that Roger Federer will win too,not so we have another medal, but because he’s one of the nicest people around and he deserves it.

Now if you want to say it in Chinese;

Zhu he Fabian,Karin,Sergei,Michael,….huo de jiang pai (tschoo hey F.K.S.M.hoo-o de chiang pie)

We congratulate…….to the medal.


Will Roger Federer win in in his Garden?

Wimbledon’s grass is definitely his,but I can’t watch the match this afternoon for I have the nasty feeling Roger won’t win. Not that I don’t want Rafa Nadal to be head gardner,he has tried long enough,I just would have liked Federer to have won Roland Garros,then he could have packed his his bags and called it a day.

He is probably the greatest tennis player ever, and I would like him to go when he is still at the top.

Sorry Roger.

Maybe I’ll just go and switch the TV on after all.

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