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On Cooking

It’s not that I’m against fast food,sometimes I’ve been very glad of it. But I do have a hate of Macdonalds, especially when I see one in the middle of the finest cities of Europe, not to mention the rest of the world. They usually blend so well with the architecture.

What is worse is that these “restaurants”are completely full of young people from everywhere who are growing up into a world that will not remember the wonderful smell of a home cooked Sunday Dinner( Yes,I mean Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding,with three vegetables and masses of Gravy) not to speak of being able to cook it.

I like cooking-I usually delegate the washing up, so I am more than pleased that so many people are interested in the odd recipe I have included in my Blog.

I hope all young Mothers (or Grandmothers) will be encouraged by some of my recipes to stand in the kitchen and cook with the children.( Don’t worry the kitchen is not that dangerous if you obey the rules,and obeying rules must also be learnt)        Even if it’s only Chocolate Chips as a starter.


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