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On Skiing, Mountains and Vagabonds

Looking at what people are searching for in my Blog,like; ” How the hell do you stop when Skiing”?,or “How do you learn to ski”? maybe I should carry on the story of my learning to Ski. I did eventually learn, even reached the 5th class in the Swiss Ski Schools, which in actual fact means I can ski pretty fast and perhaps with more style than people who didn’t go to ski classes.
We did make it at last from London to the Club Vagabond in Leysin,Switzerland. (see post “On Skiing”) It took an age, as we somehow drove through the Ardennes, and stopped in Luxembourg.We even managed to get over the Col des Mosses during darkness in a snow storm with only summer tires on the car. But at least it was a better ride than the others had with a smashed windscreen in the mini bus.

I can’t remember how many days I tried to learn to ski,at least until I was absolutely full over bruises and it was torture to even try and bend my knees (The Alpha and Omega of learning) because any pressure to my shins was agony, caused by the hard leather tops of the boots at that time.

But then I discovered, hot Swiss chocolate, citron pressé and the sun terraces of the Tour d’Ai, and decided to postpone skiing and develop my après part of it instead.

Leysin, had it seemed a mountaineering school- mountaineering,another subject which I knew nothing about, but a new found friend from the Vagabond introduced to me to a couple of his pals who had just come back from doing the “Haute Route” from Chamonix to Zermatt. Whatever that meant exactly I didn’t know, seemed it was something remarkable in Winter.

I can remember we all sat on the floor of an old chalet in the village,and talked of mountains for most of the night.

They sowed the seed which has lasted until this day. Dougal Haston, Chris Bonington,and a nice South African called Brian Fraser.

Foto with thanks to Booby Edwards


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