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All Men Are Little Boys

I had a message today from someone telling me he was alone,lost, and frightened.

Not very unusual you might think, except it didn’t come from a child.

Why shouldn’t he say that. Because grown men don’t admit things like that, and especially not to women.

Men don’t cry.But it’s all the more moving if you experience one doing it.

I found a poem that I felt summed it all up rather well and I hope the writer Goood Knight Poet, wont mind me sharing parts of it with you.

All Men are little Boys.

then just like that,we are no longer little boys.

But grown men.

And yet we are still little boys in our heart.”

“And yet as we grow-

Big boys don’t cry,except in our hearts,

But we dont show it”.

Where are you?

I feel so alone and afraid so often,

My tears are everywhere,and nobody even notices”

I am so glad that I know a man that can admit how he feels.

I’m glad I know Peter Pan.


Women and High Heeled Shoes

I do love shoes, I might even be a little irrationally devoted to them but there are quite a few women I believe who think like I do. Of course I can always explain that it has something to do with my past, a father that mended my shoes with leather soles half an inch thick (money was short in those days, but it didn’t stop other children laughing at them). Then there was the uniform years when I was sick and tired of lace ups.Then at last I had enough money to buy myself a pair that I really liked. They were the first of a long row of “must haves” and I won’t ever forget them, gun metal grey, with a very pointed toe and a small heel, and in them I felt like the cats’ whiskers.

The trouble was, my favourite shoes were always ones with high heels, and the higher the better, but I came from two families where all the men were six footers, and I measured 5′ 9″ in my socks. Still bearing the scars from being called “Long Tall Sally” in school, I hardly dared put on a pair of high heeled shoes unless the current boyfriend was at least 6′ 4″. Funnily I still don’t like to seem taller then men, and I sometimes wonder why?

What do men really prefer? Women loafing around in flats, or a good pair of legs in very high thin heels? Would they rather have the second even if we tower over them?

Over the years I have grown enough self confidence to wear what I like, and it seems the Actrice Cate Blanchett does that too.

The Australian star who is nearly six feet tall was seen in London at the Premier of the Bob Dylan film “I’m Not There” wearing a miniskirt and a pair of “breathtakingly high heels”

I wish I had bought the pair that I turned down last week.

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