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Lick It

No need to worry anymore if there is no disinfectant around when you cut yourself.

Just lick it.

Laboratory tests in Holland have shown that a certain protein called Histatin which is present in saliva, besides having an antibacterial effect, also accelerates the healing process.

The Dutch scientists hope that from their new knowledge better treatment can be found for chronic wounds and burns.

So when you next tell a child who has cut themselves to “lick it better”,you can now be sure it will help.


Stress Influences Cancer Healing Process

Medical Scientists in Israel have discovered that lack of stress before, and during an operation for Cancer was crucial, and determined the healing process.

Psychic or bodily stress influenced the metabolism and inhibited the immune system,thus favouring the chances of a new outbreak.

Blockage of Stress Hormones prior and post operation significantly increased healing.

So the advice could be a bottle of Champagne and a Party. Not forgetting a positive mental attitude. If that’s possible under the circumstances.

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