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Oh Do Belt Up!

There were always certain “must haves,and must do’s” if you were a visitor to Switzerland. Apart from opening a Bank Account. Cheese Fondue had to be tasted, and Chocolate of course, and miniature or otherwise Cowbells taken home for the neighbours.

One item that was always very sought after was an Appenzeller Farmers Belt. Tourists still buy them but they definitively went out of fashion in Switzerland with the oncome of the big Italian G, and George Bush’s Texas Style.

Pity really, for they were a superb belt for holding up Jeans and virtually unbreakable,providing you had an original leather one with its brass applications. Like the farmers of the two counties in the north east of Switzerland,tough and weathered with a good sprinkling of humour.

The last time I actually saw one being worn was on Kia in Canada last December,and she had it around her neck.

Now I’m not a fashion freak as I don’t like standing out in a crowd,which I do anyway,but I like to keep up with what women are wearing and adapt it to my style and wardrobe-(takes years off of you ) So it was with interest that I read about a slowly coming trend. Appenzeller Farmers Belts. Just the thing for Jeans,and matches everything apparently.
If you happened to want an absolute original from the first little store in Appenzell that made them you could pay over a thousand francs (about the same in dollars) for it.

Now Kia ‘s Mother gave me one, an original bought from one of her first pay checks, and it has been leading a quiet life at the back of one of my drawers for a long time now.

I got it out,it still looks like new and it even fits.

I’m wearing it in my Jeans today.


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