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I like lots of animals,domestic and otherwise.

I like dogs,providing they are not too big and slobber all over me.

I think I like cats more, so elusive.

But my absolute favourite animal is a CAMEL.

It certainly isn’t my favourite to ride, and they usually smell pretty bad. But they are so haughty and disdainful, ever-knowing and with a look wiser and older than the desert itself.

I thought I was probably the only person of non Bedouin blood to love camels, but I read today that the Swiss rock and blues singer Vera Kaa loves them too.

“I find them overwhelmingly elegant.” she says “So arrogant and zickig (Difficult to translate,-could be used to describe a certain U.S hoteliers daughter) can no Diva in the world look down her nose”

Oh I do so agree.


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