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Paintings On The Wall

Often I have stood in front of one of the worlds great paintings in a museum or gallery, full of wonder for what a painter could achieve.with a few tubes of paint.
Awed by the masterpiece before me I still ask myself,-would I want to take it home,-could I live with it on the wall.?
The answer is more often than not no.
If I could take five of the worlds great pictures ,what would they be?

A Monet for sure,one of the water lilies. I am a terrible romantic.

A Vermeer, with or without earrings.

A Whistler nocturne of the Thames.Musn’t forget England.

Yep,one of Edward Hoppers. You are right,the famous one.

And of course because I live in a land of mountains and lakes, a painting by the Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler. The one of the Lake of Geneva to be specific.
An exhibition of a hundred and fifty of his works opened last week at the Kunstmuseum in Berne and will be showing until the middle of August.If you do happen to be here don’t miss it.

Which famous paintings would you hang on the wall?


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