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A Trolley Full of Calories

Probably it is a trait found more in woman. Inquisitiveness. But then you could say it’s because we are just more interested in certain things.

Standing in line at the Supermarket for instance. I don’t know about you, but I always look at what everybody else has in their trolley,and in the few seconds it takes to look, I build my opinion about them,which I must admit isn’t always noble. Maybe because there are more and more people buying things who are having difficulty fitting in the food lines.

Yesterday the very overweight young woman in front of me put a large packet of Florentines,a delicious,toffee type cookie of fruit and nuts coated with a heavy layer of milk chocolate on one side. (Yes I will post the recipe) Plus a jumbo pack each of M and M’s, and Maltesers, a one kilo bag of refined sugar and a bottle of red wine. (Nothing against a glass of red wine of course)

There are people out there,like my blogging colleague Joe Felso who have started counting calories,and I wonder why more people can’t do it, for we all Know what obesity brings us, and it isn’t as though the food that make us fat is cheap.

Why can’t the food stores scan the calories as well as the price.

In Switzerland all medical care must be paid for. It is very good but very expensive,and health care insurance costs rise each year. We now have thousands of families in the county where I live alone, who can’t afford health insurance or pay for a doctor to treat their sick children, because others can’t discipline their eating habits and are making themselves chronically ill which we all have to pay for.

I think it is time Insurance companies gave some kind of bonus to people that could verify a certain weight loss over a years period,then there might be an incentive to count calories and eat healthier.


Swiss Fruit and Savoury Tarts (Wähen)

Years ago in Switzerland Friday was the day when Swiss housewives were busy washing, by hand of course. Men accepted that the normal three course meal would not be served at mid day and were willing to make do withWähen,as they are known of in the German speaking part of the country. (Pronounced vayern, singular is vayer))

They are really just open pies,or tarts,and quick and easy to make. They are not cakes to be served at tea or coffee time as a lot of Tourists think they are but a complete meal in itself. All Swiss love them,and so do I

All you need is an oven proof tart or flan tin or dish. We have special ones here measuring about 27cm in diameter with a side 3 to 4cm high. The dish must have a side, an ordinary plate won’t do. Pastry, eggs, cream or milk, and a filling, plus sugar if you are making a sweet one, salt and other spices as liked if it is going to be savoury.

The pastry can be any, bought or home made. My Mother in Law made the savoury ones out of Bun Pastry, which makes a thicker bottom,good for vegetables or fruit with a lot of juice .

If you want to be bothered, it is of course more authentic.

You will need :

250gr. of flour

10gr. of yeast

1-1 1/2 dl. of water and milk

50gr of melted butter

1/2 tablespoon of salt.

Mix yeast with slightly warm water/milk, add slightly warm melted butter .

Pour into bowl with salt and sieved flour, and need till smooth.Leave to rise,covered with wet cloth or cling foil.

Roll out 2 cm. thick. Cover base and sides of greased dish, making sure not to pull pastry. Prick bottom and fill with your choice.
Your favourite might be Onion

5 Large Onions,sliced

Fry lightly in Butter or fat , you could also add snippets of bacon.

Spread over pastry.

For the “Guss” you will need

250ml single cream,or mixed milk and cream,

1 1/2 tablespoons of flour

2 eggs

Salt and pepper.

pour “Guss” over onions in dish,and bake for about 30 minutes at 200-220 ° C

Eat warm or cold.

The Guss is the basic covering, or fluid that goes into every Wähe. In a fruit one you can leave out flour but two tablespoons of sugar must be added.

You can experiment yourself of course using all vegetables but covering it with Guss. One very traditional Wähe is Cheese

here you will need to scatter about 250gr of roughly grated cheese on to the pastry (we use a mixture of Gruyere and Emmental but I’m sure Cheddar would do nicely)

Pour Guss over it ,add salt and pepper. Mix it all together a bit with a fork,and bake as directed.

Even a filling of fried minced meat with leek or onions and grated carrots or red peppers work well.

If you are going to make a fruit one, it is a good idea to sprinkle the pastry with ground hazel nuts or almonds which absorb the juice a bit.

Sliced apples, apricots cut into quarters, rhubarb cut into 2cm long pieces, plumbs cut into halves or quarters,or stoned cherries make good tarts.

Fruit should be arranged in rings from outside to the center to cover pastry entirely and look decorative. Depending on fruit sprinkle with one to two tablespoons of sugar, and cinnamon if liked,before pouring the sugared guss over it. (We are not worrying about calories, it’s a meal)
For fruit tart I use shortcrust pastry.For quickness ready made ,so I always have some in the fridge,together with eggs and cream.
You can adapt the Guss,with richer cream, or more milk than cream. If you find it’s not setting sufficiently you can always add a little flour to the mixture.

Have fun experimenting, and I wish you all en Guete

Men in the Kitchen

Tomorrow is one of the highlights in my year.

The Cookery Club will hold it’s Annual Dinner.

Nothing blinding in that perhaps,except the Cookery Club is solely for men,and tomorrow their wives or partners are invited to sample what they cook.

My husband doesn’t really like to cook, he prefers the eating part of it, but he does know how, which enables me to take off to far away places now and again.

I don’t really know why he started. Maybe his Mother thought it was an added precaution when he decided to marry an Englishwoman. It was well before Jamie Oliver, and we did have a bit of a bad reputation at that time.

The Club meet in the Secondary Schools’ kitchen once a month. Four tables each with four men. The members at each table represent a certain “species” in our small town.
So there is a table with four council members, four teachers, four from the medical profession, and the last is not categorised but is generally made up of notorious citizens. My husband works on the last.

We women always enjoy the meal,which the men have usually spent more time in planning than cooking. But then the whole thing has more to do with sociability than cooking, as the choosing (and sampling) of the fitting wine does play an important role for them.

For us the washing up is the real eyeopener. Each table has it’s own sink and cooker,but no washing up machine.

We certainly love to sit back at the end of the meal and watch them go about clearing the mess up.

What is interesting of course is the way the different groups go about it all.

For the politicians the order of importance is never the same as the logical thinking of the everyday housewife.

The small things and detail seem to come first for the medics.

The uncategorised and notorious are sitting down with their wives almost before the others have started.

But it’s the schoolteachers that are the sad and sorrowful bunch. They are just never finished, probably because they don’t seem to know how to start. Considering they have all been practising for many years they really should be better.

Of course the last group might be writing a thesis on it.But I know which group I would like in my kitchen.

I don’t mind the cooking,in fact I love it at times-providing I can find somebody to clean up after me, and believe me I do tend to make rather a mess.

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