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Christmas Wishes

I wanted to write an interesting, half way intelligent,thoughtful post about Christmas,but somehow the right words won’t come to mind.Probably because my mind is already full of unnecessary but unnerving things that are all fighting to get the upper hand in their game to make me forget the real meaning of Christmas.
This year I don’t really have any reason to forget because the only planning I have to do is to see that we have enough appropriate clothes to survive a Canadian winter for three weeks,but until we are actually sitting at the airport gate I know there will be no way to stop my thoughts wavering.

I have made and we have eaten the mince pies,they don’t have them in Canada.I have bought the obligatory chocolate,and enough cat food to feed the cat,who will have to spend Christmas by himself for once.There are a couple of presents still to buy, maybe I’ll find something at the airport. Last minute washing has been done and now I just have to see that everything fits into the cases and that they are not over the weight limit. The taxi has been ordered and now I just have to wish you all lot’s of luck in remembering in the hectic what we are all celebrating.

The gift of love,the gift of peace,the gift of happiness,may these be yours at Christmas.


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