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Watercolour Painters need Nail Varnish.

As a beginner to this Art,I have already noticed what a gift masking fluid is.

Usually I forget where exactly I want the light to hit on my picture and paint over the small parts that I should have kept white. This is where the fluid comes in handy.
Masking fluid is a rubber based product that can be spread over paper like paint keeping that area free of colour,and removed easily by rubbing a finger over it. Unfortunately it’s not so easily removed from the brushes you use to put it on with.

On my last holiday I wanted to take my painting things with me but feared I would have to leave my wonder fluid behind as I had very little room and even the smallest bottle was quite large. Also the thought of it running out everywhere and the messy brushes was daunting.

Then as I am a woman who likes to paint her nails too I had the great idea of pouring some of the masking fluid into a clean and empty nail varnish bottle.

It worked perfectly, the bottle was small and it had it’s own built in brush which never dried out and was always at hand.

Of course the idea might have been around for a long time, but if it hasn’t and you want to try it be aware that the brushes in nail varnish bottles aren’t all the same.

Like all Artists brushes, the more expensive are the best.


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