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Larger Than Life

It has been raining on and off for the last four days.We had a break in the clouds late this afternoon so I decided to wager the walk down the half flooded road towards the beach. With a bit of luck the rain would hold off for a while and I could enjoy a long walk along the seashore before it got dark.

And now I must write this down,because tomorrow I might think I imagined it.

There were only a few people on the beach and they were busy drinking beer or trying to get a sun tan despite the weather.

The sea had taken on the colour of the sky, grey. Mixed with the churned up sand it looked dirty and uninviting. The trees and bush bordering the wide beach had also been washed with a grey green paintbrush,and had I not needed some exercise I would have called it another day.

I had left the last sun bed about a kilometer back,and apart from a lot of washed up jellyfish and busy little crabs I was completely alone. Looking at my watch I saw I had about fifty minutes before the pitch black of a tropical night descended so I kept on walking.

Khao Tao Beach as it is known as, is wild, and it reminds me of beaches that I have seen in Viet Nam. No white sands and palm trees here, but it has something about it that I am beginning to treasure.

On I went but the further I went the more uneasy I felt. I told myself not to be silly, just a case of seeing too many thrillers on the TV,but I decided to turn back anyway.

And then I saw it, something huge,and brown ,camouflaged perfectly amongst the tree trunks and gracefully plodding towards me through the thicket.

An Elephant.

My heart missed a beat. I mean I would have expected a stray dog or two but not an Elephant!

With a sigh of relief my eyes then focused the red shirt of the man straddled over its neck holding on to a large chain. He waved at me, and they carried on through the woods.

They still use elephants for labour in Thailand, but I had only seen them in the north. Unfortunately they are clearing a lot of the woods around here for building purposes so I presume that is where he had come from.

They say Elephants bring good luck.I hope it’s enough for both of us.


Stupid Cows ?

I have often wondered wondered why cows can’t be more individual. Have you noticed too, how they all like to stand in the same direction when grazing? Probably the herding instinct I thought,or maybe like a veterinary professor once told me, because cows are just plain stupid.

Nothing of the sort,I have now learned,they posess a geomagnetic sixth sense.

Google Earth photographs of 8510 cattle on 308 pastures scattered over the globe showed that the tendency of all was to stand or sleep on a north -south axis,with their heads pointing towards the magnetic North Pole.

That is indeed individual.


I like lots of animals,domestic and otherwise.

I like dogs,providing they are not too big and slobber all over me.

I think I like cats more, so elusive.

But my absolute favourite animal is a CAMEL.

It certainly isn’t my favourite to ride, and they usually smell pretty bad. But they are so haughty and disdainful, ever-knowing and with a look wiser and older than the desert itself.

I thought I was probably the only person of non Bedouin blood to love camels, but I read today that the Swiss rock and blues singer Vera Kaa loves them too.

“I find them overwhelmingly elegant.” she says “So arrogant and zickig (Difficult to translate,-could be used to describe a certain U.S hoteliers daughter) can no Diva in the world look down her nose”

Oh I do so agree.

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