A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

A lot of water has flown down the Chao Phraya since I last wrote a post.It doesn’t mean that I didn’t think about writing but I was experiencing so many different things,meeting interesting people and feeling a little like a Thai. No news is good news.

With the help of new friends I was lucky enough to get to know Thailand a little,from the side that the average tourist doesn’t see, and learn to love it for all it’s faults.

We Westerners mustn’t come to Thailand and try and teach them our ways,we must accept how the East is, and not try and change it, with time they will teach themselves. In so many things they are light years ahead of us and we could learn from them.

Today I saw my first Christmas tree outside the next shopping Mall.

Tall,and plastic and blue.

The Thai of course don’t celebrate Christmas.

It was for us.

Khob Kuhn Ka


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  2. in indonesia they decorate according to their view of christmas for the tourists as well. sometimes they decorate palm trees with a few colourful glass balls and cotton balls (snow). it has its charm…

  3. Is it a bit too early to celebrate Christmas? During a trip to Vietnam, I saw a guy wearing Father Christmas costume (in April). 🙂

  4. David,thankyou for your offer.I really prefer to keep myself generalised in my choice of countries.Thailand is number one at the moment because I am based here.

  5. I really like your comment about visiting Eastern countries and not imposing Western views on them. Good for you. The blue, plastic Christmas tree is very cute!

  6. Hi Beyond
    Thanks for your comment.I just appreciate the fact that they try and do something for us,be it kitch or not. Can’t see us doing much for the foreigners in Switzerland.

    Hi Leafless
    That’s funny,but then it can get quite cold up in the north maybe it was the cheapest warm clothing he had found.

    I thought you would think like me Selma.I had a bit of a problem with the blue tree in the beginning,but then everyone loves colour here,and now I really like it especially when it is lit at night.

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