A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

I had just made myself a nice mug of Twinings Earl Grey Tea, and was sitting on the balcony considering whether I would wander down to the village “pub” later.

It had been a bit cloudy during the day,but no real signs of a thunder storm, in fact with the off sea breeze I found the temperature comfortable for once and had just come back from a visit to the beach.

Then the clouds seem to get darker and as I looked south over the woods I noticed something that for me was quite new.

In the distance was a wide band of fog, like London in November, and it was rolling towards us.

I sat drinking my tea and watched. Had it been coming up over the sea I don’t think I would have been so calm. But it was an incredible sight. The fog, as I could now make out was a belt of rain coming quickly in our direction

Suddenly a clap of thunder and it was upon us.

It rains hard in Switzerland during a Summer storm, but this was somebody up there emptying a huge bucket. I sat, still drinking my tea, completely awed by this phenomenon of nature.

Within seconds everything was so under water that ducks would have felt happy, and then within five minutes it had all moved on,and the pinkish evening sun was shining through the clouds.

It was time for a second cup.


Comments on: "A Teacup In A Storm" (12)

  1. There’s nothing a cup of tea could not solve. 🙂

  2. You are right there.I started making it with bottled water,until I remembered I was boiling it anyway so I could use tap water, but the bottled water makes a wonderful cup of tea.

  3. Reading this, i feel as if i am there with you, witnessing this marvellous short-lived storm – and am ready for the second cup of tea too. Nice! G

  4. I’ll put the kettle on G

  5. Aaaah, life in the tropics. Enjoy!

  6. I would enjoy it Selma if it wasn’t so wet.Didn’t think that my Wellington boots would come in handy,and Crocs have holes in them for the frogs to swim in and out.

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