A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

“There but for fortune” Is one of my favourite Joan Baez songs.

When I see under privileged human beings her words are always there. Here in Thailand she sings for me every day.

For the women,smothered in clothes,working in the scorching sun as labourers on the building sites.

For the emaciated people trying to make a living by selling a handful of household items and drinks in their tumbledown shacks.

For the Fishermen and their families living amidst the unbelievable stench down at the creek.Their wives cleaning fish and sea food all day,the small children playing with the stray and diseased dogs.

They all manage to smile and say “Sawadee” in their lilting Thai as I pass.

Other foreigners don’t seem to venture this way.

When the sun slips down in the West, the hills in the distance, and the nearby temples seem to have something mystical about them.The golden Buddha statues compete against the last light of it’s rays, and Buddha wins.

With nightfall I walk slowly back to my little apartment in a luxury 16 floor condominnium,complete with reception and security guards.

From there I can look down on another Thailand while Joans voice sings in my head.


Comments on: "There But For Fortune" (3)

  1. Nice post.
    Yes, I’m sure you are in two worlds. As my mother would say ‘it’s ok to venture but make sure your back before dark!’. Glad to hear about the security guards. Also heard that Thailand was fighting with Cambodia over boarder territory. Hope you are far away from that.
    And re JB, guess what, we are seeing her on November 8! This time it may really be the last time….. 🙂

  2. Such vivid descriptions. The poverty and hardship must be striking. I think living in Thailand is going to be a revelation for you. In a good way!

  3. Hi Spaz,
    somehow even after dark I feel safer here than I do in Swtzerland.Yes the Gulf of Siam is between me and Cambodia.
    How about telling Joan I think of her?

    Hello Selma,
    Yes I’m sure it will,and I think it’s just what I needed.
    I am glad that the people here can find some comfort through the teachings of Buddha,which explains their situation to them,although one can argue that this acceptance of their life is pure defeatism and shouldn’t be taught to children.

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