A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Khao Takiab Hill

It’s been there since i moved into this little apartment. Every morning I sit drinking my coffee on the balcony and it stares menacingly down at me. If I am up early enough,-and I usually am, because it’s the only time of day when the temperature is pleasant in Thailand,- I see the sun rising directly behind it, silhouetting it’s rocky outline in the Turner yellow light.

Khao Takiab Hill.

It sits,daring me to draw it,paint it or Heaven forbid climb it.

A mini Eiger in the Bay of Siam. On it’s lower tree covered left flank,a Buddhist Temple glitters. The rest is a rock climbers paradise. The expressions on it’s face seems to change with your mood. Daily It beckens me, me like a lost Sirene.

Draw me,paint me.

Today, knowing how difficult it would be I took out my sketch book.


Comments on: "Khao Takiab Hill" (3)

  1. How are you settling in? I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you are all right. I hope you do get around to painting the hill. Sounds magical.

  2. I am fine Selma,thankyou for thinking about me.All people here have been so kind,and I am learning something new everyday.

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