A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Today is the big day. I am booked on a flight to Bangkok tonight.

The stamp in my passport says I am allowed to stay for a year in the land of smiles,and my life is now in one suitcase.

I’m not sure I like the feeling inside of me.

I will take my laptop,and I have paints and paper to last me through till someone comes over.

Time,will be my own.

I hope all my blogging colleagues will look in now and again,and I will try to keep you all informed of my day to day life in Asia.


Comments on: "Thailand Revisited" (5)

  1. Didn’t get to say ‘good bye’. Don’t like saying that anyway. Miss you already, although it’s not that I generally have you ‘down the road’ anyway.
    Please send me your phone number as soon as you’re set up.
    I know you’ll have a great time. There are people who’d love to have the luxury of having time to themselves, with no one to justify too. Time to start your memoirs…… 😉 . Love always, S.

  2. I am really excited for you. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Bon Voyage!

  3. Thankyou both for your comments.Can’t believe I am already here,settled in the apartment,and have managed to get the internet installed.Have already had a couple of hillarious experiences.Will keep you posted.

  4. Keeping us posted is a bit of an exaggeration, no?
    Hugs, S.

  5. Forgive me Spaz,you won’t be able to imagine it but until now no time to write!

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