A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Probably it is a trait found more in woman. Inquisitiveness. But then you could say it’s because we are just more interested in certain things.

Standing in line at the Supermarket for instance. I don’t know about you, but I always look at what everybody else has in their trolley,and in the few seconds it takes to look, I build my opinion about them,which I must admit isn’t always noble. Maybe because there are more and more people buying things who are having difficulty fitting in the food lines.

Yesterday the very overweight young woman in front of me put a large packet of Florentines,a delicious,toffee type cookie of fruit and nuts coated with a heavy layer of milk chocolate on one side. (Yes I will post the recipe) Plus a jumbo pack each of M and M’s, and Maltesers, a one kilo bag of refined sugar and a bottle of red wine. (Nothing against a glass of red wine of course)

There are people out there,like my blogging colleague Joe Felso who have started counting calories,and I wonder why more people can’t do it, for we all Know what obesity brings us, and it isn’t as though the food that make us fat is cheap.

Why can’t the food stores scan the calories as well as the price.

In Switzerland all medical care must be paid for. It is very good but very expensive,and health care insurance costs rise each year. We now have thousands of families in the county where I live alone, who can’t afford health insurance or pay for a doctor to treat their sick children, because others can’t discipline their eating habits and are making themselves chronically ill which we all have to pay for.

I think it is time Insurance companies gave some kind of bonus to people that could verify a certain weight loss over a years period,then there might be an incentive to count calories and eat healthier.


Comments on: "A Trolley Full of Calories" (4)

  1. Everyone should get a Wii. It helps people get in shape.

  2. I love checking out what other people have in their trolleys and I completely agree with you about being rewarded by your health insurance company for maintaining a healthy weight. I pay a hefty premium and hardly ever make a claim. It would be nice if that were acknowledged from time to time.

  3. urbanpilgrim said:

    I confess I do the same thing in the supermarket. Like you say, not noble, but hard not to do. Hua Hin is supposed to be lovely! I’m sure you’ll have a great time there. You will see motorcycles piled with the kid, mom, dad, grandma and the family dog! They pack ’em all in.

  4. What is a Wii,Leafless?

    Hi Selma.So glad that other people do it too.Some kind of aknowledgement in many spheres might help the world to be a better place,and it doesn’t always have to be of the finacial type.

    Sawadee Urbanpilgrim.
    Let’s hope it stays lovely in these unrestless times.Still not sure about getting on a motorcycle though.You are right about packing everything on to it,probably not as bad as in Hanoi though,there the canary in a cage goes as well.

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