A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Allegedly it was a hearing mistake, but it made me wonder,especially as I find myself doing some of the oddest things these days.

An elderly lady while using the Self Check In at Stockholms’ Arlanda Airport, instead of putting her bags on the conveyor belt layed down on it herself and disappeared into the darkness of the luggage hatch.

According to the Airport Authorities the personal on the other side managed to “sort out” the seventy eight year old out without any lasting damage.


Comments on: "The Shape of Things to Come" (5)

  1. I am relief that there is no lasting damage..eeek. Hopefully, I won’t have that misunderstanding and hearing problems when I do reach that point… Thanks

  2. I’m sure she had a fun ride….. and I mean who else gets to ride the luggage belt?! Gosh, there are too many bloomin rules nowadays.
    Any kid would sit up on their without a second thought, seems older people do get wiser.

  3. Now I would love to do that. A woman after my own heart. Glad she was OK.

  4. I wonder if it gets you on the plane quicker,maybe I’ll try it myself.

  5. Hello Sugali,Thanks for calling by.Yes it was good that no damage was done,but as Spasmicallyperfect said, at least she got herself a free ride,and entertained quite a few people.

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