A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

A Bad Wife

Can’t seem to concentrate on anything these days. Time doesn’t flow by, it rushes like a raging torrent towards the last day of September.

Last week,even the pain returned,that which always makes itself evident in some kind of joint or muscle in my body when I am going through a bad patch. The medical practitioners call it wear and tear at my age. I call it something else. Whatever it is,it is something that is influenced by the cold and my mental attitude.

I have now done something which I don’t think a normal wife does, even when she has been married to the same man for thirty eight years. Maybe a normal woman wouldn’t either, I wonder if I am normal.

I saw an ad. in the paper “Apartment to rent in Thailand ”

My husband and I are both retired,and are lucky enough to be still in good health,with two lovely daughters who don’t need us any more and a cat that does.

We are not alike,in fact we don’t have the same interests in many things. But we did enjoy travelling, and always said we would do it more when we retired,and definitely we would go somewhere warm in the winter.

But we didn’t and we aren’t going to, for Hubby has become a home bird and quite satisfied to potter about in the garden. He likes the Swiss winters,with the cold and the wet,and his body doesn’t rebel them.

We talked about it, and we went to see the owner.The flat could only be let on a years basis but it was at a very reasonable price.

I could do what I liked he said,but he couldn’t see himself going there for more than a month.

I rented it,and I now have a ticket. Return of course.

I also have a very bad conscience.

The devil in me says I shouldn’t have, for thirty eight I have looked after home and family I have a right to do what I like now within reason, while there is time left.

But the other dutiful side of me,says wives don’t do that.They stay at home they cook and they clean,they shop, and they nurse for ever. and they don’t usually teach their husbands how to do it for themselves like I did.

Should I stay here because I once said “I do” is it my duty?

He could fly directly from Zürich if he misses me. I will be twelve hours away.


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  1. You are right – your husband can fly from Zurich to see you whenever the spirit prompts him. Also, you can return home at any time whenever you need the comfort of familiar people and places. Life is short, and marriage is not indentured servanthood. And it does a body good to rediscover that one can manage solo, and can take on experience on one’s own. That does not need to strain the marriage bond – indeed it can bring a lively interest to a relationship of a long duration. Go for it – soak your hurting bones in some necessary sunlit days and immerse your spirit in an adventure – and enjoy without unnecessary guilt. G

  2. Go ahead and enjoy yourself a little. Housewives need a break too.

  3. I hope you are right Suburbanlife.It needs a good deal of trust on both sides,but I still feel it would serve me right if I came back only to find I wasn’t the only woman in his life.

  4. Thanks Leafless.Nice to know that some men don’t think it is that bad.

  5. Go for it. It will do you the world of good. I will really enjoy hearing about your adventures!

  6. Lets hope it will Selma.Three friends have already given me the dates of their visit so it doesn’t look as though I will be too lonely.Just got to find an Art teacher in Hua Hin,and then I can continue my lessons.

    I hope you are feeling better now,we all missed you.

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