A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

I still try to paint.


I don’t practice enough and I don’t let the creative side of me, if there is one, get the upper hand but slog along trying to copy others, whether books or teacher.

By chance a colleague of my husband visited us just as I was returning from art classes last month and I was forced to show him my work.

I don’t like showing people what I paint,I suppose I am a bit ashamed of it.

The colleague studied Art in Munich,although making a career in another field he still dabbles with paint and has had several successful exhibitions.


He told me to throw away all my small paintbrushes-did he realise they cost me the earth,-and buy the largest block of rough watercolour paper I could find.

He told my husband he thought I had talent.

A week later he came over again and brought me a Da Vinci brush, size 24, Jumbo, and a 50 page block of Torchon paper 36x48cm.

I don’t know what it was,the praise,the brush,or the paper.Maybe a combination of all three,but at last I am seeing results and feel that what I am now painting might be good enough to hang on a wall sometime.

I would like to pass on his advice to all other struggling and exasperated watercolour beginners.


Comments on: "Dipping a Brush in Water" (5)

  1. I hope that one day you will let us see a sample of your work. I would love that. That is excellent advice you were given!

  2. Good for you for trying out the advice, then passing it out like a gift when it had worked for you. Beginners think that painting is about control, when it really is about exploiting the possibilities of one’s tool – broad brushes offer more possible for manipulations than the skinny ones do – one has to learn to control and to let the character of the tool act on its own behalf. The dance of control/letting go. G

  3. SELMA,I hope that day will come,I will just have to practice a bit more.

    SUBUBANLIFE,Thankyou too for yours.I see you are quite an expert.It was nice to hear from you.

  4. Good for you! Having tried my hand at drawing, I can appreciate how hard painting is. Go get ’em!


  5. I think painting is easier,so I hope you are going to start soon.As a fellow blogger said the other day about watercolour, you can wash the paper with water,add a dash of paint,go and have a coffee then come back and see what it looks like.

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