A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Heavy Metal

Nice to be able to enjoy a couple of days of complete freedom.

Hubby went down to the Italian part of Switzerland,and I was going to stay at home,feed the cat ,and do exactly what I liked.

Bliss I thought.

A call of help from a friend changed everything yesterday.

Being a person who finds it difficult to say no, I jumped into the car and drove the few miles over to her place.

I suppose what we had talked about was still in my mind as I got back and I drove automatically and without really looking, into the garage.

Usually my car is able to drive itself home. We have a wonderful relationship, and the flitzy Italian has saved me from quite a few unforeseen situations.

But not yesterday.

Do you know what the worst sound in the world is to a car driver ?

The sound of metal fighting metal.

And that was the sound I heard yesterday as the Italian cut the corner and caught itself up on the framework of the garage door, and stayed there.

Driving forward brought the spine chilling noise to my ears,and reversing wasn’t any better.

No Hubby, neighbours on holiday,what was a woman supposed to do at a moment like this ? I suppose I could have called the fire brigade,they have often been called for less.

But I didn’t. I put my foot slowly on the accelerator and to the sound of music eased the car forward.

Two black doors,now have large white etchings on them,and a bit of the wheel guard seems to be missing.

Hubby doesn’t know yet.


Comments on: "Heavy Metal" (8)

  1. Spaz said:

    The only reason Hubby hasn’t had as many dents in his car is because he doesn’t have to park it in that garage…..

    Good luck.


  2. creatisphere said:

    Well, as a hubby myself, I would graciously smile with a small wince and lovingly say its okay. 🙂 But ouch is right.

  3. Wish you luck. 🙂

  4. Yikes. Things like that are so easy to do. I hope your hubby doesn’t get too cross!

  5. Hi Spaz,
    The garage isn’t so bad if you always aim for the middle of the door,the problem is the curved driveway.I leave the replacement that the garage has given me until mine is ready outside.Luckily it is Summer.

  6. Thanks for feeling sorry for me Creatisphere.I hope your wife appreciates you.A rare species indeed.

  7. Thanks Leafless,I needed it,and in a way I was lucky.

  8. Selma you don’t know my hubby.But it wasn’t too bad.

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