A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

We all know the famous line from George Orwells book Animal Farm;

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

and I wonder why we go along with this.

Don’t misunderstand me,I was never a Marxist,Trotskyist,communist or any other gender of an “ist”, but I would support an ideology where the people of the world could be more equal, whether it be with respect,freedom,or wealth.

But I know that is just a dream,and we have to live with the fact that George Orwell was right.

Nowadays these more equal people are known as V.I.P.’s or “very important persons” But what is so very important about them and what right do they have to so much priority?

Sometimes this status doesn’t always work,like last week when the security officials at a Russias’ St Petersburg Airport didn’t care a hoot for the diplomatic status of Doris Leuthard, Switzerland’s Economic Minister. She was still made to remove her shoes and submit to being frisked. Which of course held the flight up for an hour while the diplomatic phones ran themselves hot,and the likes of you and I could wait on board.

Or the arrest of Hannibal Gaddaffi, the son of Libyas head of state, and his pregnant wife in Geneva on Tuesday. They were accused of mishandling two of their servants in the hotel where they were staying. Two days later they were released after paying a caution.(Can’t keep such a large sum in my head). Libya has retaliated of course by arresting two Swiss who were working there,and threatening to turn off their oil supply to Switzerland. Half of our crude oil is imported from Libya, so the outcome will be interesting.

May be one consolation for not being a V.I.P: can be found in the words of the playwright Terence Rattigan 1911-77

You can be in the Horseguards and still be common dear”

Seperate Tables (1954)


Comments on: "Are VIPS So Important?" (4)

  1. Shreyas said:

    what is so much important of these VVVIPs, VVIPs, VIPs? they are there, just because we sent them there. why cant they meet us, general public? it is we who make them important, very very important!! & we cant meet them, they dont have time for us.
    ok, they are vips. but why they do such ugly business that people hate them?
    Gandhiji is a great man,he was there in Bengal at the time of partition. The one man army. and on other hand on the bharat, pakistan border the whole joint army was there & was unsuccessful to stop the rampage. but the one man army Gandhiji had stopped those prevailing violence. because he was a common man.
    only common man can understand another common man’s problems.
    VIPs were common like us before, amongst us but …………

  2. They are not important,butwe have indeed put them there,and it is our type of society that forms the type of important person that we have. Only time will show if we can call them heroes like Ghandhiji.
    Thankyou for your comment Shreyas.

  3. “Libya has retaliated of course by arresting two Swiss who were working there,and threatening to turn off their oil supply to Switzerland.”

    You’re serious?

  4. Rattigan was definitely right. Excellent post!

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