A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

I suppose the Australians inherited their sense of humour from the Brits,although I would have thought that the Limeys deported for stealing a loaf of bread would have lost it on the way to Botany Bay.

Not so,as I read this morning,it is still as dry and black as ever.

According to the Centennial Funeral Institute, Australians are requesting more and more that Rock songs like Highway to Hell from AC/DC, orAnother one Bites the Dust from Queen, be played instead of traditional music at burials.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from Monty Python or Willi Nelson’s Hit The Road Jack are also extremely popular they say.

Good on ya.


Comments on: "Australia has the last laugh." (5)

  1. sure australians inherited their sense of humour from brits, because most of their founder are from england. so you are originally from england, but now you live in switzerland, which one is better? do you plan back to england and living there or not? you may visit my blog.
    -euro 2008 has been over, Spain do the best, they deserve to get the throphy!

  2. Hello Betty,thanks for looking in.Unanswerable questions as we don’t know what fate has in store for us.
    For me it’s,

    “Home is where the heart is,
    Or that is what they say,
    My heart lies in broken pieces
    Scattered along the way”

    After Robert Burns and Steve Earle.

  3. Let us not forget, funerals are really for the living, dead people are not easily entertained.
    By requesting such music they are simply being good host!

  4. The Aussies do like a laugh. I can vouch for that. I went to a funeral not long ago where they played ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’ The lady who had passed away was a jewellery designer. I thought it was very fitting.

  5. SELMA
    Yes that must have rocked them,wonder if she chose it herself.Can just see the faces of the mourners if they played something like that here.
    Don’t really agree,I hope I will be able to look up or down on mine.

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