A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

It is safe to be choosy about who you share a bed with,and it pays to get your priorities straight,especially in the summer season.

Before you read further this post has nothing to do with “Sex in the City” I’m just saying it may help to sleep around a bit and find out if your partner passes the test, if your are aiming at sleeping that is.

Daily high temperatures and hot sultry nights,will bring them out, whether you are fat or thin they just love your body. The adoring Mosquito.

Nights,when you reach that sublime feeling between awareness and well earned dreams, that’s when they like you best.

An unmistakable high pitched siren breaks the silence and you know you have a new admirer.

That’s when you can only hope that your bloodsucker prefers the taste of the person lying beside you. If you don’t belong to the lucky ones there is nothing you can do but get up and go hunting if you don’t want to be covered in itchy spots in the morning.

Werner Rudin a Biologist from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Basle,Switzerland, and Mosquito expert says, finding a partner that Mosquitoes like is the best deterrent.

If you are not in the happy situation of having one, there is nothing for it but to buy a Mosquito net,or spray yourself every three hours from head to foot with a chemical spray repellent .(Don’t forget to set the Alarm!)

Natural aromas like Citronella in candles or sprays are apparently ineffective. The insects don’t like the smell says Rudin but it won’t stop them biting.

Mosquitoes don’t like dark colours,so if you have any clothes on see that they are white.There is no point in sleeping in your jeans, thickness of material is no problem to them.

I don’t suppose any of us will escape a bite or two this Summer,but if you are out hunting, Cherchez la Femme, for it’s only the women that bite.


Comments on: "Who Do You Share a Bed With?" (3)

  1. Ah what a great written post about a pesty stalker!

  2. terra said:

    Good warning! I have found the lavender oil – water combination to be more effective, and pleasant to sleep with, than chemical sprays that are sticky and stinky. I use about 12 drops of lavender in 4 oz of water. If you want a more manly smell, try adding sandalwood or some other musky oils. It really works.

  3. I am fortunate that the mozzies prefer my husband to me. He wears an insecticide to bed to keep them at bay!

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