A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

” Break,break,break,
On thy cold grey stones.
Oh Sea! And I would that
my tongue could utter the thoughts that arise in me”

Alfred,Lord Tennyson. 1809-1892.

I suppose it is because I was born under Pisces that I have an affinity with the sea. I do in fact compare my life to it.
The ups and downs of it are really like waves of unfathomable depth,they bring and they take away.They can sparkle and they can spit,and they throw you up on lifes hard shore.

There are seas and there are oceans,mine is definetely the Atlantic.No smooth millpond for me.
Aegaeus and Aeolus have paid their respects,and Poseidon looked on.
But he sent me Aphrodite,and beautiful Halcyon days,and for those I must be thankful,when the south westerlys rage.

Picture thanks to Andrew Miller,Artist,Devon,UK


Comments on: "My Life With The Sea" (15)

  1. zeynepankara said:

    I like the entry. What a beautiful picture!..
    Cheers, Zeynep xx

  2. zeynepankara said:

    Lol… I wanted to leave a comment to your before entry but I couldn’t. Am I blind, lol… Everything is new and complicated for now but I will manage soon this blog things… Thanks for stopping by. Zeynep xx

  3. Welcome to my site and the blog world with it’s joys and frustrations Zeynep.
    Thankyou for your comment,I love his paintings,they really capture that part of the world,do look at more under; andrewmillerartist.com
    Good blogging,

  4. The painting is stunning. Although I am an earth sign, I also have an affinity with the sea. It is my aim to live by the sea some day. I would love that.

  5. What a beautiful piece of artwork!

  6. Was that tongue in the cheek Leafless.I wonder if he has sold more pictures since I posted this.At least they don’t cost 30,000.

  7. Oh,I would like that too Selma,Can’t think what I am doing here.But sometimes John Masefields famous poem rings in my ears and I am off again.

  8. I meant 30,000,000 of course

  9. Like yourself, I too am a Pisces, and I share your affinity with the Atlantic. I consider myself very fortunate to live in a sea port town, where the ocean is never more than a few minutes drive away.

    It must be difficult for you, being landlocked. 😦


  10. Tape says : I absolutely agree with this !

  11. One of the awesome sights on the planet, to be on the coast, watching the might of the sea.
    Beautiful picture.

  12. joefelso said:

    I don’t know what sort of sign I am (I’m a libra) but I grew up on the gulf coast in Texas and lived for many years in Delaware, never too far from the coast.

    Now I’m on the “north coast,” about eight blocks from Lake Michigan in Chicago. It’s not the same, but it takes the place of the ocean, for now. —D

  13. Nice to hear from you again Smith.Odd how people of similar star signs think alike,although they say there is nothing in it.Boston is my type of town too,although it is a bit cold in Winter.

  14. I agree Anthony,and it’s the fact that man can’t control it that makes it so fascinating.
    When I’m in Devon again I will try and find the Artist,I think his pictures are so good.

  15. Hello Joe.
    Don’t know whether I should be glad or sorry for you.I know the other side of the Lake,definately not the Gulf of Mexico.Hope it won’t be too long before you can se the real ocean again.

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