A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Sue Tilley is the name of the lady,and she has just been sold for 33 Million Dollars.
Lucian Freud painted her in eight hourly sessions , three times a week over nine monthes.
He called his painting “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping”

She earned about 40 Dollars a time,and is now famous.

Lucian Freud is one of the most outstanding and brilliant portrait painters of our time and “Supervisor” is the most expensive painting ever sold by a living artist.

But he is not for everybody,

as the controversy over his 2001 portrait of Queen Elisabeth II proved. A lot of people thought she should have locked him up in the Tower of London for it.

“I am only interested in painting the actual person; in doing a painting of them,not only using them to some ulterior end of art” says the 85 year old.


Comments on: "The Most Expensive Woman in the World" (12)

  1. shasha said:

    informative, but who is Sue Tilly?

  2. Hello Shasha,
    Actually I spelled her name wrong,she is called Sue Tilley and was his muse.

  3. The most expensive woman in the world doesn’t look very happy. Don’t know why.

  4. A remarkable painting. I’d like to see it in person, as Freud handles paint in a unique way, and this reproduction doeas not allow a closer inspection. Having done much painting from the figure I know just how demanding making a painting of this level of acuteness. To sustain the activity for as long a time as you report Freud and this lady has taken takes guts, committment and sustained attention by both painter and model. If this lady did 8-hour sessions for forty dollars a time, she basically gifted Freud with her time, as here life models tend to charge @$25 for a hour of sitting. So for her it was small compensation for her time – and she left herself vulnerable, because what Freud has seen dispassionately of her, so do the rest of us looking at this painting. And it is not a flattering portrayal. So my hat goes off to this model for her trust, and self-possession and self-awareness in submitting herself for this process. Her individual image will have a long history, and through it she gains a form of immortality. G

  5. Leafless I think she has more than one reason not to look particularly happy but as Suburbanlife says she has gained a form of immortality by it all.

  6. Hello Suburbanlife.According to the interview I read that was the sum paid,although I do wonder if it should have been GBpounds and not 40Swiss Francs=US Dollar as quoted.
    It certainly needed stamina on both sides,and I know some Artists don’t even want to stop for a cup of tea.
    Pity the link doesn’t work to your blog.Thankyou for visiting.

  7. I can see why it took so long. There’s a lot to paint. 😈

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. She reminds me of my ex-wife.


  8. erdes said:

    Last week I have seen some of his paintings in Den Hague, Holland. The are technically supreme.
    The nudes are perfect.
    In some of the portraits I would have preferred more soul, more entry from the sitters.
    David Hockney however had a nice smile.

  9. Now there is no need to be envious Smith,with a bit of practice you can be a Hockney too.
    Understand why she is your ex though.

  10. Erdes hallo,
    I have only seen one of his originals that I remember having a lot of soul.His portrait of HM Queen Elisabeth.I could even hear her swearing.

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