A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

When I was small I asked my Father what the difference was between the Tory and the Labour Party in British government.He gave me an answer that satisfied a childs mind.
“The Tories help the rich people in the country,Labour help the poor”

London has now voted against “red” Ken Livingston ,who has been Lord Mayor of the city for several years.He was always to the very left side of the labour party,but he didn’t do a bad job in London.
One of the things he initiated was a toll of 25 GB Pounds on every owner of a high powered car which expelled more than 225 gramm of carbon dioxide who wanted to drive in the City
This motion should come into force in Oktober.

But now “Red Ken” has gone, and London has a Tory mayor. Boris Johnson, educated at Eton and Oxford,who’s family most probably didn’t have a Ford in their garage.

My Father’s words ring in my ear,and I am wondering like many others if Mr Johnson will amend the toll.

The German motor manufacturer, Porsche, already brought an action against it last month.


Comments on: "Porsche in the City" (2)

  1. Amending that toll would not be a good thing. I was surprised at the swing away from Labour. God only knows what’s in store for London now.

  2. According to the paper this morning,the new Lord Mayor has already started to change things.
    No alcohol on London Transport(Buses or Underground trains)Nobody the worst for drink will be allowed to ride.Probably a good idea not quite sure how he thinks he can control this,or how people should get home after a night out.Alternative drive yourself? A taxi from Bayswater to Balham? definately only affordable for Boris.

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