A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

You might think the Euro and Potatoes have nothing in common but you would be wrong.

“Swisspatat” the Swiss Potato Industry Organisation says it does.
It is the Worlds best loved vegetable, and Football is the best loved sport. These bind.

Therefore Swisspatat want to widen the horizons of Football Fans with Potato Recipes
from the participating Euro countries, menu ideas and theme evenings are being arranged to waken the interest of fans for other cultures.
Whether “Swedish Potato Pot”, Tschech”Potato Packets”,or “Drunken Potatoes” from Portugal.
Tubors tie.
Infos can be found under http://www.kartoffel.ch


Comments on: "The Euro 2008 and the Potato" (4)

  1. Bravo for the humble spud. I’ve always been a fan!

  2. Yes me too,she is a real Eliza Doolittle.

  3. […] weird would it be if your job was to think up new and interesting ways to promote potatoes?) have come up with potato related recipes from the 15 other Euro 2008 nations. I think the idea is that rival fans […]

  4. That was a good article.Typical Swiss hospitality I would say towards the fans of the great potato eating countries of Europe, which we are not.3,000 tons means more enviroment pollution again but why worry about that.
    The ban on night flights to the Zürich and Basle airports will also be lifted during the Euro for the benefit of the fans!!! For me and a lot of others absolutely unacceptable. But then we all know money has the loudest voice.

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